Term & Condition

  1. Angelineay only offering brokerage services buying product from USA/KOREA and not responsible for any damaged product from their shop including product’s feature and its packaging and in-consistency with the product if any.
  2. For electronic item such as Dyson Hair Dryer etc, a warranty card will be given to end user. Angelineay will not responsible for any damaged cause by end user direct and indirectly.
  3. Angnelineay will not responsible for non-warranty electronic products from supplier. warranty info can be found in product’s package.
  4. Angelineay will not responsible for any damaged sealed product. If there is any sealed item when delivery, then it’ll not be opened unless required.
  5. For non sealed eyeshadow palette and any kind of solid¬† powder, we have to check and verify that is still safe for use, ’cause this kind of item is very fragile and easily waste during shipment.
  6. Angelineay will not refund any money or exchange of goods, unless there is a misplaced or less send from us. The exchange of goods due to incorrect goods must be done within 24 hours after goods have accepted. you also can not ask for refund if there are defective items from the store / factory because this is not a mistake made by us.
  7. Celeste does not accept complaints when there are lipstick colors or other products that do not comply as expected. It is advisable before purchasing items to look for reference “swatches” as much as possible for the product that you intent to be purchased.
  8. If there is a shortage of delivery cost on the paid package, then the package will not be sent until the shortage is paid by the buyer.
  9. Shipping costs on our website include handling fee of Rp 3000,00 (three thousand rupiah). For those who order through LINE, we will inform the cost of handling as our new SOP standard.
    Our standard packing:
    for small and medium package: packed with brown envelope and covered with  bubble wrap for protection.
    for large packages: packed with cartboard and covered with bubble wrap for protection.
    All packages will be written as “FRAGILE / EASY FROZEN”.
  10. If our standard packing is considered less secure, customer are welcome to contact our Customer Service and request to be sent packed with crate and take INSURANCE policy by JNE. Costumer will handle the shipping cost.
  11. Angelineay will not responsible for courier performance and any damage that occurs during delivery. Claims for damage and loss of goods can be made if the customer using the services of shipped with CRATE and have INSURANCE policy by JNE.
  12. If received package are damage and have insurance in it, then user must process the insurance claim and must be done within 24 hours. Please provide us a photograph on damaged product and mail it to team@angelineay.com – to be forwarded to the courier.
    The claim process usually lasts 2-3 weeks.
  13. If the package is returned by the courier because the house is empty, wrong address, etc. then the customer will be charge 2x (twice) from shipping cost. The return process from this courier can take some time and the process is beyond our responsibility.
  14. All items will be checked and documented in the form of photos before shipment and send our report to user as evidence. we will not responsible for any damage direct and/or indirectly during shipment.
  15. Complaints for missing items or misdirect and others must be done within 24 hours since the goods received and must attach: original photo packaging & paper list of goods in the package which lists the name of the packer. If it is to be exchanged, then it is mandatory returned within 12 days (the package is back to us).
  16. Replacement product will be shipped after the damaged product are received and must be returned in the same condition when we send it to user. For example if the goods in a sealed position then user must returned in a sealed position. If the seal is open for any reason then it can not be returned.